Publisher & Educator.


My Skills


8 years of WordPress experience
10 WordPress websites with beautiful design and great content
Countless other WordPress websites for clients

Social Media

Social media is like Oxygen, it is a superb leveler like Mumbai roads. It has brought down the 6 degrees of separation to almost 0. Having built online communities with more than 25,000 active members, I dabble with social media with fair ease.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a skill which is highly rewarding. Making Business succeed with good SEO optmised content is my goal.

Wikipedia Editing

I have been editing Wikipedia for sometime. Being a part of the Wikipedia community is an honor.

Salsa Dancing

Have been dancing Salsa socially since 2005, could never become a good dancer. But can impress someone who has never danced before and thats all matters right now.

Skate Boarding

Something which I just can't get time to practise much, but when i do, i am feel Euphoric, planning to work on this one as and when time permits.